Thursday 8 February 2018

Bonhams FLASHBACK: 18th August 1999
Film, Entertainment & Celebrity Autographs

I found this old Bonhams catalogue from 1999 on eBay recently, and it’s got a good selection of costumes and props from a range of eras of Doctor Who.

There are some amazing costumes listed in this sale, many of which haven’t seen the light of day since. It would be amazing to know where they are!
As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to the Eighth Doctor era

Lot 128
Doctor Who
A ‘New Revised Draft’ script for Doctor Who The Movie screenplay by Johnny Byrne, never actually filmed or produced.
Estimate £1000-1500

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Titan comic covers issue 1 -
photo cover variant

For a little while now, I have been reporting on the Tenth Doctor Titan Comics covers, featuring previously unseen photographs.

Well, starting on 28th October a brand new series is starting - featuring the Eighth Doctor.

Issue One has a beautiful painted cover by artist Alice X. Zhang, based on the Night Of The Doctor photocall.

Also available are two variants, one of which has art by Warren Pleece.

The other is a photo variant, using a previous unseen image from Paul McGann’s photocall from Night Of The Doctor.

I’d love to see more of these shots!

Monday 24 February 2014

Gallifrey One 2014 -
official Paul McGann photoshoot

As well as getting a great photo opportunity with Paul McGann and the original TARID console, I also had two official photoshoots with him.

One was a single, the other with Emma Campbell-Jones who played the Cass, the pilot of the crashing spaceship in Night Of The Doctor.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Gallifrey One 2014 - TARDIS console photoshoot

This last weekend saw the 25th Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles.

As part of the activities on offer, there is the chance to have your photograph taken with the screen-used TARDIS console from the 1996 tv movie.

Since Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrooke were in attendance, there was the opportunity to have a unique photoshoot with the lead actors as well.
I signed up and had my chance directly after my Advanced Tailoring panel on the Sunday afternoon.

Paul recognised me from the couple of official photoshoots earlier in the weekend, and once again he was very taken with my coat.
After taking the shot I was a bit cheeky and asked if he’d like to try it on. There were some panicked faces around the room, but Paul was more than happy.

Sadly it was a little large for him, but he seemed to like the feel of it.

I was then doubly cheeky and asked if we could get a quick shot of him in the coat. Faces around the room looked even more panicked, but Paul was again more than game and he was happy to pose with me.

I’m very proud that Paul liked the coat, and was happy to pose in it for me. Thanks Paul!!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

World War One Leather gaiters

A lot of people have been a little confused by the laced leather footwear The Doctor is wearing.

Some people seem to think they are calf boots, laced from the bridge of the foot to just below the knee.

Well, they are actually ankle boots with leather gaiters around the shins. These are World War One issue, and fit in perfectly with the Edwardian styling of The Doctor.

As we’ll seem they aren’t worn in the usual way - but then that’s The Doctor all over.

As ever, the best place to track down a set is eBay, where you can pick up a pair of genuine period gaiters for around £60 to £100.

The design you need have ideally six (though I have seen some with either five or seven) studs with leather loops that hook around them to fasten them together.

Here are some examples I’ve found on eBay recently.

This ones a really nice set, along with a perfect belt and a nice map bag which wouldn’t look out of place on the costume.

WW1 Leather Gaiters + Samual Browne Belt + MAP BAG British Army Officers

This set come with a nice set of wooden formers to keep the gaiters in good condition.
I did bid on these, but it went over my allotted budget, which was a shame.

WW1 British Army Offr’s Brown Leather Gaiters & Faulkner Wooden Trees

Finally here’s the set I bought myself.

WW1 Brown Leather Soldiers Gaiters

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Radio Times -
50th anniversary issue covers

The 50th Anniversary week is almost here, and as expected the cover of the latest Radio Times features The Doctor - not just once, but TWLEVE times!

The sources of the images used are quite interesting, the majority of which are from the Radio Times own extensive archive of Doctor Who images. All are out-takes, so are being published for the first time.

The First and Second Doctors come from the 10th Anniversary Special published by the Radio Times in 1973. The Third Doctor comes from a photoshoot in 1970 for the launch of Jon Pertwee in the role.

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors are pictured from the shoot for the 30th Anniversary special, which featured in the 1993 Children In Need.

This shows that they were all taken separately before being composited into the group on the cover.

The rest of the Doctors come from bespoke cover shoots done for the Radio Times in more recent years. For example the Ninth Doctor is from the gatefold cover which launched the new series in 2005; and the Tenth from The Next Doctor in 2008. The Eleventh and War Doctors are obviously newly taken.

Here’s the full size version of the Eighth Doctor’s cover.

Finally, have you noticed that all 12 covers join together to form a long single image?